Picture Book Review//It’s Easter! (Luke and Lottie)

It's Easter! Title: It’s Easter! (Luke and Lottie) Author: Ruth Wielockx  Audience age: 3+ Publisher: Clavis Publishing Publish Date: March 20, 2020 Synopsis Synopsis: It’s Easter! Luke and Lottie are going to an Easter egg hunt at the farm. Daddy is dressed up as an Easter Bunny. And Luke and Lottie are dressed up as… Continue reading Picture Book Review//It’s Easter! (Luke and Lottie)

Picture Book Review//What’s Up, Maloo?

What's Up, Maloo? Author: Geneviève Godbout Audience: Preschool-2 years old Published: January 7, 2020 Publisher: Tundra Books Synopsis No other kangeroo can hop like Maloo! But one day Maloo's friends find him stepping instead of hopping. What's wrong, Maloo? His pals look for ways to help Maloo regain the spring in his step. With patience,… Continue reading Picture Book Review//What’s Up, Maloo?

Picture Book Review//Help Wanted, Must Love Books

Help Wanted, Must Love Books Author:  Janet Sumner Johnson, Courtney Dawson (illustrator) Audience age: 4-7 Published: March 2, 2020 Publisher: Capstone Synopsis: When Shailey's dad gets a new job, she loses her bedtime reading partner. She immediately starts interviews to fill the position and is thrilled when her favorite fairy tale characters line up to apply.… Continue reading Picture Book Review//Help Wanted, Must Love Books