Review Policy

In my reviews I am 100% honest while still being respectful towards the author. All the thoughts expressed are my own opinions. The books that I review are a mix between ARCs that I have received from NetGalley via the publisher, or from my own collection. Before I give my thoughts on a book, I state if I received the book from NetGalley, thanking them and the publisher.

In my reviews, I discuss points which are relevant to the, plot, characters, world-building, etc. along with my own personal anecdotes related to the book.  Even if I don’t like the book, I will highlight parts that worked.

I prefer YA, Thrillers, Historical Fiction, Psychological Thrillers, and Contemporary books, but I am open to anything.

In addition to posting my review on here, I write a condensed version for GoodReads, Amazon and NetGalley and also on my bookstagram page.