My New Rating System

I decided that I am going to start using a more logical rating system for the books I read instead of going by how the book made me feel, and what I think it deserves to be rated as. This new system is created by G at Book Roast. She recently posted a video about how she rates her books called CAWPILE. She shares an excel document in this video as well.

So what is CAWPILE? It stands for:

C: Character

A: Atmosphere

W: Writing

P: Plot

I: Intrigue

L: Logic

E: Enjoyment

So you rate each category separately. I feel like this will give me a more accurate rating rather than going based on how I feel generally about the book. I also tend to get too caught up in the moment after finishing a book and give it a higher rating than it probably deserves.

Each category is then rated between 1-10:

0-3: Really bad

4-6: Medicore

7-9: Really good

10: Outstanding

And now comes MATH! (I hate math, but this is pretty simple!) After rating each category, you calculate the average, and that average corresponds to a certain star rating (or in my case cups of tea rating)

Up to 1.1: 0

1.1-2.2: ☕

2.3-4.5: ☕☕

4.6-6.9: ☕☕☕

7.0-8.9: ☕☕☕☕

9.0-10: ☕☕☕☕☕

I will update my reviewing policy as well so everything is uniform across the board. I think this will help with fair ratings and most importantly, give accurate ratings.

I can’t wait to try this out and I’m excited to have a new system! What system do you use to rate books?

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