Loving the Lines//A Dark and Hollow Star

I saw that Julie over at One More Book came up with a new post called Loving the Lines.

Basically, Loving the Lines is dedicated to books with stand-out quotes that need to be shared. I’m often moved by passages and lines from the books I read, and I thought this would be a great way to show the love!! Many thanks to all the wonderful writers who inspire, empower, entertain, and make people think. 

As soon as I saw this post I knew I needed to make this a weekly post! Instead of focusing on just one author, I’ve decided to focus on one book that has some really powerful and memorable quotes.

You can read my review of the book here.

Her fate was now up to her, and if the oh-so-powerful deiteis weren’t brave enough to Destory her, she was going to make them regret letting her discover just how satisfying it was to watch things burn.

There’s a great many people who go their whole lives without ever learning to feel that compassion, and in my opinion, it’s better to feel too much of that than to look on at suffering and feel nothing at all.

She loved reading stories about people taking off on adventures, discovering they were natural leaders born to make a difference in the world, but a hero?

Always, always in the back of his head was the reminder that they were just kids, that more of this should fall to them; he couldn’t fault Arlo for listening to that reason.

The number one law of the universe is choice, after all-bad things happen to the people who take that option awar from you.

About the Book:

Book cover for a Dark and Hollow Star

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Canada

Published: February 23, 2020


The “ironborn” half-fae outcast of her royal fae family.
A tempestuous Fury, exiled to earth from the Immortal Realm and hellbent on revenge.
A dutiful fae prince, determined to earn his place on the throne.
The prince’s brooding guardian, burdened with a terrible secret.

For centuries, the Eight Courts of Folk have lived among us, concealed by magic and bound by law to do no harm to humans. This arrangement has long kept peace in the Courts—until a series of gruesome and ritualistic murders rocks the city of Toronto and threatens to expose faeries to the human world.

Four queer teens, each who hold a key piece of the truth behind these murders, must form a tenuous alliance in their effort to track down the mysterious killer behind these crimes. If they fail, they risk the destruction of the faerie and human worlds alike. If that’s not bad enough, there’s a war brewing between the Mortal and Immortal Realms, and one of these teens is destined to tip the scales. The only question is: which way?

Wish them luck. They’re going to need it.

[Amazon CA] [Book Depository]

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