Outside the Blog//March 2021

March is in the past, and we’re already halfway through April… When did that happen?! I did some site maintenance last week, I mentioned on my March Wrap-Up post that I would be updating my old posts – fixing broken images, and ensuring they look similar to what I’m putting out now. It took me a lot longer than I expected! I worked on my very first post – the Introduction and my first book review ever – Trigger Warnings by Neil Gaiman.

In March I had to get my external hard drive repaired as some files were corrupted. I had my entire life on there so I was without a lot of my pictures, book reviews, and drafts I had written for this blog and for my Instagram. I got it back about two weeks ago now, so I have to get a new hard drive and transfer all the recovered files to that.

I am now a full staff member of the Content Team over at MuggleNet, and I posted my first book review over at The Book Trolley. Last month I apparently worked on 41 tasks/cards which beat the old record of the number of cards/tasks completed in a month. So YAY ME!

I’m in the process of opening my own Etsy shop for crochet items! I have been crocheting for several years now and have various crochet items around my house that I’ve made. It’s mostly dishcloths at this point, but I will be expanding to make some cute book worms, cat coasters, and coffee cup cozies. I have a full list of items I want to make and sell. I also have my own crochet Instagram – Muffin Top Knits if you would also like to follow me on there.

That’s it for me! April has already been exciting and I can’t wait to post my April Outside the Blog!

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