Outside the Blog//February 2021

February is behind us and I can look forward to spring!! And try to forget what I was doing one year ago when the pandemic was officially announced. I still remember where I was and what I was doing – I was at my before and after school program; it was a Friday and I remember telling parents that I would be possibly seeing them in April… Welp that didn’t happen. I never got to say goodbye to those kids and the parents because I never went back to work for that company when my contract was up in May.

I feel like I always struggle to find things to talk about in these updates – am I really that boring that nothing happens other than the usual? The usual consists of: writing cover letters and finding jobs to apply for and getting rejected because no one wants to hire me and I’m feeling hopeless that I’ll ever get a job… Doing so much MuggleNet related work that it fills my days… We have to hit a minimum of 4 cards a month and I think in February I did 20. Reading has also been hit or miss with me – I find it super hard to concentrate on reading anything right now because I’m beating myself up about not having a job which is giving me anxiety… Everything seems to be revolving around getting a job and I kind of hate it.

On another note, I’ve picked up Animal Crossing: New Horizons again. I bought a Switch and the game almost a year ago now when we first went into lockdown. I’ve also finished all of WandaVision and I’m tempted to re-watch it because I’m fairly sure I missed some stuff that happened… It also doesn’t help that my internet is super slow on my laptop where I watch all my TV shows. Speaking of TV shows, the novel The One that I read and reviewed by John Marrs is now a Netflix show! It came out March 12, I was so excited for it! It’s different from the book, but has the same premise so I’m okay with that!

That’s it for me on this post; see you on the next one!

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