Personal and Bookish Goals for 2021

It’s another year which means time to make my goals for 2021! I’ve tried to keep my goals – both personal and book related manageable this year. In previous years I’ve been too ambitious and lose steam following my goals. 2020 was just an awful year overall so I wanted to spend 2021 focusing more on myself and doing things that really bring me joy.

Drink More Water!

I’m awful at drinking water – I like my coffee and tea much better! I’ve been keeping a full water bottle beside me wherever I am to help me remember. I even bought stickers and stamps for my planner(s) to help me track my water consumption. I’ve been doing okay so far… I still prefer drinking tea though!

Yoga/Stretch Everyday

My back has been killing me for years, it’s been getting worse because of all the reading I’ve been doing these past few years. To keep my back happy and strong I’ve decided to stretch it out everyday! My back/neck will thank me when I’m older, and it feels amazing to be able to work my tense muscles out.

Apply for Two Jobs a Week

I finished my publishing program in August, and I’ve struggled to find a job. I’ve applied to what feels like a billion jobs and I’ve heard nothing! Instead of putting more pressure on myself, I’m giving myself the goal of applying to two jobs a week, and spending more time fixing up my cover letter and resume. I’m working with a mentor on my cover letter and resume.  

Read 100 Books

I read 53 books last year and I hope to get to 100 this year! This may be a bit ambitious, but my initial goals last year was 25 books.

Set a Consistent Book Schedule

My posts have been all over the place last year! This year I’m hoping I can keep up a schedule. Tuesdays will remain my book review days, Wednesdays are for WWW Wednesdays, and Fridays are for First Lines Friday. I’ll be doing other posts in between like my Book Club Discussion posts, Monthly Warp-Ups, Outside the Blog posts, and any reading challenges that I join or updates about them will be sprinkled on Mondays and Thursdays. I like to leave the weekends free of posts if I can – that’s when I spend my time drafting them.


My last goal is to plan all my Bookstagram content/take pictures the first weekend of every month. I took my pictures for January this past weekend so it’s just a matter of selecting the ones I want to use and doing some minor edits to them. I think this system will work out better for me.

Those are my goals! Do you think I can achieve them by December? I think so. Let me know if you’ve set any goals – personal or book related! Let’s cheer each other on for 2021.

6 thoughts on “Personal and Bookish Goals for 2021

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