Outside the Blogsphere – August 2020

August was a… Interesting month. A lot happened in this month which is probably why I ended up reading ONE book. I’m fine with this; I had other pressing matters to attend to during August.

The Logo I created for our group project

The first piece of news from August is… I graduated from Humber College’s Creative Book Publishing Program! I spent the first two weeks of August working on my team’s capstone project. We had to create a publishing company from scratch. We created a website, logo, catalogue featuring four frontlist titles and 8 backlist titles. We created marketing plans for the frontlist, covers for all 12 books, did finances – P&Ls(Profit and Loss) for the 4 frontlist, and a cashflow for our company… All in three weeks! I was so lucky to work with four other amazing people in my team. We had the best presentation and I think we grew closer to each other during those three weeks.

I am now eagerly looking for anything related to publishing within Canada. The job postings are scarce because of COVID, but I am actively searching! Hit your girl up if something comes up! I’ve already applied to HarperCollins internships with Harlequin, and I’ve applied to other positions as well.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an editor I can help you out! I’ve learned a lot through this program, I can now CODE! HTML and CSS are my jam, along with designing book layouts, and marketing! I left this program with so much knowledge and a better appreciation for the publishing world. It’s hard getting my foot in the door right now but I’m a scrappy thing and I believe I will get my dream one day… My dream job is to work for HarperCollins. Many of my favourite authors and books have come from this publisher and their imprints.

I’ve also spent majority of late August moving from my apartment in London back to my dad’s house in the Greater Toronto Area. I moved because my boyfriend (now ex) and I broke up. It was mutual; it was a long time coming. I’ve had several friends already bash him and tell me that I should have left years ago. I don’t regret the relationship; I’ve learned what I want in my next relationship. I’m taking time to find myself again; I got lost in what he wanted and forgot about my dreams and passions. I’ve found them through the Humber program, and I’m so glad I decided to apply on a whim back in April.

This is a rather personal topic that I’m about to discuss; only my close friends actually know about this so I’m a bit hesitant to share it with the larger blogging community. From the sounds of things I was very depressed in August, and even throughout the relationship I had with my now ex-boyfriend. After I finished the Humber program I was very… out of sorts? I had all the signs of depression – I actually stopped eating for a few days and drank coffee and tea to keep me going. I couldn’t sleep (I’ve struggled with my sleep for about 5 years now) I was tired all the time, irritable, and just generally in a bad mental state. I don’t know what got me out of this state, or even if I fully got out of it but I’m doing better now. I’m doing things that make me happy. I’m even going to buy myself a ring I’ve been eyeing for some time, or at least the type of ring I’ve been eyeing for several years next weekend. I’ve started to care more about how I feel; I’m making an appointment to get my nails done, getting my eyebrows cleaned up – COVID was not kind to my eyebrows and just taking better care of my body.

So, through finishing the publishing program, moving all my crap in my dad’s little car from London to his house and looking for jobs, I’ve managed to read one book. I’m not mad at myself, I needed time to get myself sorted and organized which I did. I’ve already finished one book that I started back in July (YAY!) and I’m working on two more books right now.

The Humber Peeps have started a book club, which means that I’ll be reading at LEAST one book from here on out. I’m thinking of expanding this book club to be a feature on this blog once a month. Please let me know if you’re interested in this new feature! September’s pick for our book club is When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole. It’s also Indigo’s Staff Pick for September!

Oh, I’ve also re-branded my blog; well I’ve changed my logo and the colour scheme. That’s another good thing that came from the end of the relationship! I took some time and revamped this blog, made a list of books that I’m interested in and started posting my reviews weekly now, they’ll be on Tuesdays at 12PM. Of course I’ll still be doing my monthly wrap-up and then I’ll be adding the book club pick review each month as well. I’m trying to show more of myself on this blog and platform and adding sections of what I want to see on book blogs.

This turned into a rather long Outside the Blogsphere post. If you’ve stuck it out to the end thank you. It was hard to be vulnerable and admit some of the more personal struggles that I faced in August. Sometimes it’s just nice to admit these things into the void that is the internet and the book blog sphere. Until my next post on Tuesday! See you then!

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