Picture Book Review//Who is My Neighbor?

Who is My Neighbor?

Title: Who is My Neighbor?

Author: Amy-Jill Levine, Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, Denise Turu (Illustrator)

Audience: 8-12 Years

Publisher: Flyaway Books

Published: January 22, 2019

Cups of Tea: 4/5


Blues and Yellows just don’t mix, and that’s how it’s always been. No one remembers why. But then comes the day Midnight Blue takes a tumble along the road. His friends Navy and Powder Blue don’t even stop to help! It’s only when a Yellow comes along that everything changes–forever.

My Thoughts

**I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

This book is a re-telling of the parable The Good Samaritan from the New Testament in the Bible. It’s easy for children to understand and has an added bonus of using the colours to help illustrate and tell the story. There are lots of colours and little details within the pages of this picture book. What I liked most about this picture book is that it was not religious in any way; it was good for teaching children how to be a good person, to be kind to one another, and to help those who need it in general.

This book is easy for children to understand The Good Samaritan parable. Blues live in one town, Yellows live in another and they do not interact with each other. They think lowly of the other saying that the other is “not our neighbor” and “there is no such thing as a good blue/yellow.” This is until Lemon helps Midnight Blue up when he has fallen off his bike. The other blues keep on walking by without helping.

There’s a note included in the back of the book for parents and includes some questions to ask along the way while reading and more information about the parable. Overall I enjoyed this picture book; it is still relevant today and is a great parable.

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