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A lot has happened in April, I guess this pandemic has started to affect me more than I originally thought. I struggled to finish the first semester of the business program and did a lot of self-reflection of where I want to be professionally in my life. This self-reflection led me back down the path of editing/proof-reading/publishing. I wanted to apply to the Creative Book Publishing program that a local college offers every May for a semester back in 2015 when I graduated from University. I never did, instead I completed my Child and Youth Worker diploma, which lead me to pursue working with children. After about three years of that I finally realized that it’s not what I want to do. This brings me to now. I have applied and have been accepted the offer of admission for the Creative Book Publishing program. I’m tired of being unhappy in aspects of my life, I’m doing this for me and I’m so excited.

By April off I’ve re-set myself and my mindset when it comes to this blog and my personal life. I finally feel like I have my energy back in order of me to do what I love – reading, reviewing, and connecting to this lovely book community.

I got a bit lost last month; I think it was because I couldn’t go home to see my family until this past week. Family and human connection is so important during this time and I’ve definitely felt the effects of not having my support system to close to me.

May will be a fresh start for me; I’ve got accepted into the Creative Book Publishing Program which starts on May 4. I’ve already got a couple of posts scheduled to be published next week, and I’ve planned my goals for the next month.

I hope you have all been keeping safe, practicing social distancing, and NOT drinking bleach/disinfectant (that’s just common sense people…)

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