Picture Book Review//You Can't Scare Me

You Can’t Scare Me

Title: You Can’t Scare Me  

Author: Bonnie Grubman, Judi Abbot (Illustrator)

Audience age: 4+

Publisher: Clavis Publishing

Publish Date: April 10, 2020


Best friends Walter and Willy are having a sleepover. Walter thinks it’s fun to scare Willy. But what happens when the tables get turned?

My Thoughts

**I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

The premise of this picture book was about pulling pranks and scaring your friends at sleepovers, it depicts what occurs at sleepovers. The only thing that I liked about this book was the illustrations. I did not like Walter AT.ALL. I thought he was mean and bad-mannered towards his friend, Willy, who wanted to sleep and not to be scared. Walter sounds like an awful friend; I would never be friends with someone like him. What really bothered me was that even though Willy repeatedly asked Walker to please stop, Walter didn’t. Walter kept on taking the pranks too far and kept upsetting Willy. This book is a good example of what NOT to do at sleepovers. Maybe parents should read this book to their children and say “Don’t be like Walter!” before they go to sleepovers. I gave this book a 3/5 but I’m dropping it down to a two.

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