#startonyourshelfathon Character and Team Post

Last week I mentioned on here that I was joining the Pondathon that CW over at The Quiet Pond is hosting. I’ve already made great progress! I’ve finished a book that was just released this past week. I’ll be writing up a detailed review of the book within the week, I think I finished the book in about two days! This read-a-thon has really pushed me to finish reading books and has me exciting to see what I’m going to read next on my shelf.

You can find all the information to join here.

I’ve finally gotten around to making my character card and joining a team for the Pondathon. I’ve made a little otter character and named her Mrs.Otterton. If there was a sloth animal I would have made that my character. I love how we have the choice of customizing our animal, it makes it feel that much more special.

I can’t wait to continue to read the books on my shelf (virtual and physical), and to complete the side quests! It’s quite a commitment, but it keeps me accountable for reading one hour before bed, and even reading on the bus to and from work and school.

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