Book Blast//My Life in a Cat House

Title: My Life in a Cat House

Author: Gwen Cooper

Publisher: BenBella Books

Published: November 5, 2019

Cups of Tea: 3/5

This book contains a collection of short stories about author Gwen Cooper’s cats. I found these stories to be very cute, albeit repetitive and boring.

The reason why I chose to receive a free digital copy of this book via netgalley was because I love cats. All my life I grew up with cats, at one point my family had 8! Three were kittens, but still 8 cats in a three bedroom split level house. I can still recall how badly the house stunk of cat pee and there were so many fleas! I could relate to some of Gwen’s cat’s antics, they behaved almost exactly as my cats from my childhood. That’s about the only thing I seemed to enjoy about this book, the cat’s personalities.

Cooper invites the reader into her life, including her ex-boyfriends, friends, and her husband. She shares a bit of her everyday life and struggles living with cats, something that every cat owner can relate to. This quickly got to be very repetitive and some chapters seemed to focus more upon Cooper and her relationships and family dynamics as opposed to the cats.

I had to take frequent breaks while reading this novel and I barely finished it, I was struggling real hard but I can’t bear to DNF books. I just set them aside until I feel like I can handle them again. Almost like putting them in a “time-out” for being awful! I read this book between some of my heavier books both in content and in pages. This book gave a bit of a reprieve from those with more serious content and thrillers that I can’t seem to get enough of. My Life in a Cat House is something to be read one chapter at a time in multiple settings instead of a complete read-through all at once.

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