Picture Book Review//Frank and Bean

Frank and Bean

Author:  Jamie Michalak and Bob Kolar

Audience age: 4-7

Published: October 8, 2019

Where to buy: [Amazon CA] [Barnes and Noble] [Indigo]


Frank likes peace and quiet. He likes his tent, his pencil, and writing in his secret notebook. Bean likes noise. He likes his bus, his trumpet — toot, toot! — and making music. Loud music. But Bean is missing something: he does not have words. What will happen if Frank shares his words with Bean? With a laugh-out-loud narrative by Jamie Michalak, author of the Joe and Sparky series, and Bob Kolar’s bright, graphic, comical illustrations, this fresh and funny story will go down easy for beginning readers and young listeners alike.


**I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

I found this picture book a little weird when I started reading the first few pages, but then it grew on me. I really enjoyed the sense of humour of Bean – he was like that one annoying friend who doesn’t know when to be quiet. I found myself smiling at the noises Bean would emit from his various instruments and his antics. The sounds he makes were in bold and capitalized throughout the book.

 I thought that this would be perfect for young beginner readers to read along with their parents and shout the words out. As an educator I could see adding this book to my collection for those children who are ready to read simple chapter books. I know that children love to see silly words and have silly characters in books to help them enjoy reading. Having words that stand out on the page help children easily recognizes the words, especially when they are repeated throughout the book.

I always mention the illustrations in the picture books that I review, I do this for several reasons. The illustrations are there to help enhance the story – they add more details to the author’s writing. For young readers who cannot read or are learning to read, the illustrations can help them figure out what’s going on. One of the reading strategies that teachers use is having the children look at the pictures to find out what’s happening. I always enjoyed looking at the pictures closely as my parents read the books to me. I liked to find small details that the illustrator added – for example looking for a specific animal that follows a character throughout the book.

For this book, I found that the illustrations really helped with the story – the detail I noticed was on Bean’s car, which gave me a chuckle considering how loud Bean turns out to be. The illustrations were simple in this book, they also didn’t give a lot away in terms of the plotline, but they still complimented the words by the characters facial expressions and their actions.

This book would be best used for personal use with young children to encourage them to read. This book would be perfect to read together and get the children and adults laughing at Bean’s antics.

I gave this book 4/5 cups of tea. I will be buying this picture book for my nephew to read with his parents. I have also reviewed this picture book on Goodreads.

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