Outside the Blogging World – An Update

I mentioned in my Sunday Post on December 22, I have some very exciting news. Starting in January I am starting a two-year business diploma at my local college. Over the past few months I have kept saying to my family and friends  that I just want to open my own child care for before and after school, that I want my own space to run my program how I want to within the ministry guidelines. I feel as if my education does not reflect the work that I am doing; I have a bachelor’s degree and two diplomas, I should be the program coordinator making bigger decisions and overseeing more programs.

I’ve also tossed around the idea of getting another bachelor’s degree, in Early Childhood Studies since I am very passionate about children and their development. I would be entering into the third year of the program and I can’t imagine it taking me the whole two years to complete it since I already have a bachelor’s at the university level. Another idea that has been floating in my head for the past couple of days is going into publishing. At the local college near my hometown, there’s a semester long graduate program for creative book publishing. I’ve been seriously contemplating on applying for this program since I’ve re-found my love of all things books. As my sister told me several months ago, I’ve turning into a “book snob.”

As of right now, I’m going to go ahead with trying out a semester of this business diploma to see how I like it and if I’m still passionate about operating my own child care centre. Maybe I’m just at cross-roads in my life since I’m 27 and I have no idea what I want. Hopefully I can figure out my next steps in the next couple of days while I catch-up on writing more book reviews and my blog memes.

If anyone has any suggestions for my next steps career wise please let me know! I’m always open to receiving feedback and finding ways to improve.

My next blog post won’t be so boring, I promise. It will be about Christmas and what I did with my family. Or maybe that will be boring to you.

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