Book Blast! The One

Title: The One

Author: John Marrs

Publisher: Hanover Square Press

Published: January 26 2017

Cups of Tea: 5/5

The One is told in 5 different perspectives which I found to be confusing to keep track of where each character is at the moment in their stories. The common thread between all 5 main characters is the Match Your DNA service. The One has a slow build until halfway through when the twists begin and they keep on coming. In all five of the stories something shifts at the midpoint. Some of the characters have found out secrets about their match, and they are not who they say they are.

Marrs has left a long buildup of the characters for the reader to gain a sense of what each characters personality traits. Once the characters have been established, the reader can start to notice patterns in each of their stories. Marrs leads the reader to the conclusion that Match Your DNA is a flawed service and where online dating can go wrong. I saw a lot of parallels with this dating site that is consistent with today are dating apps (Bumble, Tinder, Match, etc.).

My favourite character and plot line was the serial killer, Christopher, being matched to the police women, Amy. The irony did not escape me on this! I really enjoyed seeing the character development of Christopher and his explanation of how he chooses his victims. I was kept on the edge waiting to see if Amy would find out his secret. Serial killers have always interested me, and I love getting glimpses into how their minds work.  After I finished this book I felt inspired and drawn to read more books about serial killers and psychopaths.

This novel is a great commentary on the dating apps and websites that are readily available to consumers today about the current dating culture. More people are meetings online as opposed to meeting and dating in the more traditional methods.

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