Week in Review October 20 – October 27

On Sunday I went to the Friends of the Library books sale that I mentioned last week. We went on the last day, which meant we could fill a bag with as many books as possible for only $3! However, there were not a lot of books leftover since it was the last day. I told my boyfriend that next year we’re going to take the Friday off and get there as soon as the doors are open. I wish I could have scooped up more, but we were pressed for time and there were so many people there.

Monday was a super busy day for me at my day job. It involved a lot of coordinating the car I share with my boyfriend in order to do resource rotation. My boyfriend picked me up once I was done my morning shift so we could drop him off at his work. I then went back to my school to load the car with the resources I was returning, and then drove across town to get to head office. I had about half an hour to return the resources and to get new ones. After all that was done, I had about an hour and a half before I had to go back to work again to work my afternoon program. My coordinator was at my afternoon program to do his monthly site check-in. He gave me some good feedback to make my program even better and had a first-hand look at how my children talk to each other and the clashing of personalities.

Friday was the P.A. day at the school board which means I only work 6 hours straight. I worked from 8-1 and it was okay, nothing exciting happened. On Friday after my shift, I caught the train to see my dad, sister, and cat. I travelled in business class again because sometimes you just need to be fancy. I get more perks and it’s more convenient coming from London than from Oakville; London has the nicer train station. I get to sit in the business class waiting area, priority boarding, and light refreshments while on the train. Going back to London from Oakville, there’s not priority boarding or an executive lounge.

This past weekend I finished The Chestnut Man and it was amazing! I’m going to have to let this book simmer a bit and write down some of my thoughts before I can publish a review for it. I have it written down to have the review completed and posted by November 11. After finished the book, I picked up Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but I’m thinking of reading that novella on Halloween night. Until Halloween arrives I’m going to be reading Dracula.

This upcoming weekend is my boyfriend’s birthday; we’re having a party at his sister’s house and ordering Chinese. I’m thinking of checking out a used and rare bookstore that I’ve passed by a couple of times in downtown London.

Do you guys have any plans for this upcoming week? What were your favourite books to read this October?

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