My Week in Review

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. I went to see my dad via train and travelled in business class for the first time. I went after I was done work at 6pm, and it was amazing; I had got dinner and had 3 glasses of wine included in my ticket price. The train takes about 2 hours which gives me time to read and catch up on my e-mails. On Saturday I had my first of two Thanksgiving dinners at my dad’s girlfriend’s house, and then on Sunday I came back and had another Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family. We had it at one of his sister’s houses and we got to see their one-week-old baby girl again. She was passed around frequently and slept through the whole thing! There were about 14 people altogether at their house for Thanksgiving.

Kaitlyn wearing a green and white crochet hat with a black scarf.

 Since Monday was officially Thanksgiving, it’s considered a statutory holiday in Canada which means my boyfriend and I didn’t go to work and got holiday pay. Instead of cooking dinner and making more dishes for ourselves, we went out for dinner. There were surprisingly a lot of families and couples that had the same idea as us.

The weather here in Canada has been getting colder this week and I’m here for it! Yesterday I wore a hat I crocheted, a thick warm scarf, gloves, and my in-between season’s coat, and I was still freezing! I think I’m going to have to crochet myself a thicker hat so my ears won’t freeze come winter! I love looking out of my apartment on the 9th floor and seeing all the leaves on the trees change colour while I’m wrapped up in a blanket I made with some tea and a book.

On Wednesday I had another mandatory professional learning session for my job. A behaviour consultant gave us a workshop on different strategies we can use when working with small children. This workshop was basically a summary of what I already know and what I use in my program when talking with the children. At least I’m now getting paid for this learning!

A hand holding "Lullaby" by Chuck Palahniuk

I felt like this week went by super slow! I’m almost done reading Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, and I’m just itching to get it done so I can read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I feel like I’ve been reading super slow this month and I may not get to all the books that I said I would but that’s okay. I already wrote down what books I want to read for November and the themes for the rest of the year. I’ll make a post sharing my plans for the next year within the next couple of days.

My plans for this weekend include going to a book sale that my local library is hosting. They posted the prices for books and most are between $2-$4 which is amazing! I can’t wait to show you guys my book haul. This weekend I plan on finalizing my letter of intent for the Masters of Information and Library Science that I’m going to be applying to at the university in the city I live in.

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