My Week in Review

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. I went to see my dad via train and travelled in business class for the first time. I went after I was done work at 6pm, and it was amazing; I had got dinner and had 3 glasses of wine included in my ticket price. The train takes about 2 hours which gives me time to read and catch up on my e-mails. On Saturday I had my first of two Thanksgiving dinners at my dad’s girlfriend’s house, and then on Sunday I came back and had another Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family. We had it at one of his sister’s houses and we got to see their one week old baby girl again. She was passed around frequently and slept through the whole thing! There was about 14 people altogether at their house for Thanksgiving.

 Since Monday was officially Thanksgiving, it’s considered a statutory holiday in Canada which means my boyfriend and I didn’t get to work and got holiday pay. Instead of cooking dinner and making more dishes for ourselves, we went out for dinner. There were surprisingly a lot of families and couples that had the same idea as us.

The weather here in Canada has been getting colder this week and I’m here for it! Yesterday I wore a hat I crocheted, a thick warm scarf, gloves, and my in-between seasons coat and I was still freezing! I think I’m going to have my crochet myself a thicker hat so my ears won’t freeze come winter! I love looking out of my apartment on the 9th floor and seeing all the leaves on the trees change colour while I’m wrapped up in a blanket I made with some tea and a book.

On Wednesday I had another mandatory professional learning session for my job. A behaviour consultant gave us a workshop on different strategies we can use when working with small children. This workshop was basically a summary of what I already know and what I use in my program when talking with the children. At least I’m now getting paid for this learning!

I felt like this week went by super slow! I’m almost done reading Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, and I’m just itching to get it done so I can read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I feel like I’ve been reading super slow this month and I may not get to all the books that I said I would but that’s okay. I already wrote down what books I want to read for November and the themes for the rest of the year. I’ll make a post sharing my plans for the next year within the next couple of days.

My plans for this weekend include going to a book sale that my local library is hosting. They posted the prices for books and most are between $2-$4 which is amazing! I can’t wait to show you guys my book haul. This weekend I plan on finalizing my letter of intent for the Masters of Information and Library Science that I’m going to be applying to at the university in the city I live in.

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