Monthly Wrap Up//September

Quick Wrap Up

Total books read: 3

Total Pages: 1104

Average Rating of the Month: 4/5

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Total Pages 213

Thoughts: This book was just OK. I found myself rolling my eyes every couple of pages. To be fair, I’m not a huge fan of romance in general. I don’t think I’ll be picking up another Sparks novel anytime soon. The writing was very simplistic for my taste, and the descriptions were severely lacking. Overall it was a 3/5 cups of tea.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Total pages:552 pages

Thoughts: This book was everything that I was hoping it would be and more. I’m going to write a more in-depth review about this book in the coming days so stay tuned! I will say that this book was wonderfully written and I kept falling in love with the prose and the imagery Zusak created in my mind. I highly recommend having a box of Kleenex nearby while reading this book, especially when you get towards the end. Overall, it was 5 cups of tea out of 5.

Siege 13 by Tamas Dobozy

Total pages:339 pages

Thoughts : I choose this book to read because it was recommended to me by my sister. Our dad is Hungarian and I’m trying to connect more with my heritage. I’ve visited Hungary once with my sister three years ago and I’m dying to go back soon. I’ve read many short story novels before and this one makes the top of my list. The book contains stories about the siege of Budapest during World War II told from varying perspectives of people who have survived the siege. This book has made me ask my dad more questions about Budapest and Hungary’s involvement during World War II. Overall this book is 4/5 cups of tea. I actually preferred drinking coffee while reading this book!

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