Books have always been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. My mom would encourage me to read at a young age, and my dad would read to my sister and me before bed each night. Now that I’m older, I take more time and consideration about what books I read. I can easily get lost in any bookstore perusing the shelves for the books that I want to read, or finding books that jump out at me from the shelves.

 The name for this blog was birthed because whenever I read I either have a cup of tea or coffee beside me that I slowly sip and savour while I read (I’m a huge tea collector). I’m going to use the cups of tea as a way to measure how good a book is. Similar to Goodreads where you can rate a book out of 5 stars, I’m going to rate the books out of cups of tea, and what type of tea I think would go with the book.

This blog was formed from my love of all things books and reading, and of course tea. There is nothing that says a perfect day than overcast skies, a good book, and tea.

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